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In our previous article on the lesser-known benefits of preventative maintenance for trucks, we listed the many ways PM can help facilitate better fuel mileage. Now, let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s happening when certain fuel stealing conditions occur.

Air Filter Replacement and Oil Change

When air filters are dirty, the air intake into the engine is restricted. This can disrupt the air-fuel ratio. The engine must then use more fuel to produce the same amount of power. Meanwhile, dirty oil places added stress on the engine by increasing friction. These two issues often happen in tandem when a truck is not cared for properly—and can ultimately cause the truck to break down.

Slipping Clutches

When a clutch is improperly adjusted or out of adjustment from normal wear it can begin to slip. This causes the engine to operate at higher rpm’s to produce the same amount of power. Again, the engine is essentially forced to work harder, decreasing its effectiveness in both the short-term and long-term. Eventually, you might hear a noise from a worn-out clutch; many drivers mistake a noise for the start of a problem, when the issue has in fact been ongoing silently for quite some time.

Unclogging Fuel Filters, Fans and Radiators

Clogged fuel filters restrict fuel pressure, which in turn causes the engine to consume more fuel by not producing enough power. Additionally, a faulty fan clutch or fan controls may cause the engine fan to run constantly and adding an additional load to the engine causing excessive fuel consumption. Clogged radiators or charge air coolers can prevent proper cooling of air intake system also causing disruption to the air-fuel mixture and ending in excessive fuel consumption.

DPF Cleaning

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) that has not been maintained will cause the engine to clean the filter or do a regen. DPF cleaning or regeneration normally happens only when you are driving under certain conditions; if it’s happening over and over because of soot or debris, you are burning unnecessary fuel.

Preventative maintenance at On-Site includes a complete inspection of your truck(s) from bumper to bumper. We can complete PM checkups and routine repairs overnight, with clear communication and expert technicians to ensure everything is done right the first time. Contact us to schedule your PM drop-off at one of our four convenient locations throughout New Jersey.

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