Winterizing Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines: The 4 Essentials
Learn about DEF
Types of coolant
January 10, 2018

Winterizing Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines: The 4 Essentials

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Heavy-duty diesel engines can power through virtually any weather, but winter poses a serious threat…
October 02, 2017

Is the Check Engine Light, ABS Light or Check Transmission Light illuminated on your dash?

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On-Site Fleet Service now offers an alternative to waiting for an appointment with the Dealer.…
June 16, 2017

Learn about DEF

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What is DEF made from? DEF is a mixture of deionized water and a mixture…
June 16, 2017

Types of coolant

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Mainstream green coolant The original, green-dyed antifreeze/coolants are called conventional low-silicate, but the technical name…

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